Website Winter 2020

The contract with the hosting company that hosts this website was scheduled to end in early January 2020. I explored using a different hosting company that was cheaper and which seemed to have up-to-date features the current host does not have. I had trouble with the new company from the start and decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I renewed the contract with the old hosting company for another year. I hope to find later this year a new company that can transfer the site without problems.

Family Search is currently indexing Haller's Army Form A books. Images of those book contents are now online as well as the collection of loose recruitment papers. There are gaps in their imaging but most of it is available. I am currently working on (re)indexing the collection of loose papers so that subscribers can just click a link in the index to pull up the images. It is going to take a long time to complete that project. A subscriber who has a particular name found in the current Haller's index can request that I start with the "film" that would contain that name.