St. Michael Church, Chicago

This Polish parish identifies itself as St. Michael the Archangel but the LDS has it listed as just St. Michael. The LDS has St. Michael the Archangel listed, but they're not Polish. Records for the Polish parish are on 2 rolls of microfilm and had been cataloged together.

Volume 1 has bad handwriting so beware! Volume 6 had issues with confusing a's and o's. Use wildcards to search through them. Volumes 7 and 8 have imaging problems. The film they are on opens with item 4 and 5 stuff that only later is explained as a reimage of the stuff in those items that was too dark. So some data might need to be looked up in the opening section or in the true item 4 and 5 positions later on.

If you use the online image section of Family Search to look up these records, it is rather confusing for St. Michael. There are multiple St. Michael parishes in Chicago and the descriptions do not identify which specific parish the record groups belong to. Adding to the confusion, the online images do not identify microfilm item numbers nor do they always respect the divisions between volumes. Baptisms for the Polsh St. Michael parish begin with the description, Baptisms 1892-1905. Descriptions prior to 1892 are not from the Polish parish. Baptisms 1892-1905 spans three separate baptismal volumes or items as you would find them on microfilm. Additional descriptions belonging to the Polish parish are Baptisms 1905-1906, Baptisms 1906-1910, Baptisms 1910-1914, Baptisms 1914-1915, and Baptisms 1915.