St. Mary Magdalene Church, Rossford, OH

Rossford, OH was founded in 1898 by Edward Ford, who opened a glass company there. Many immigrants came from settlements in Pennsylvania to work in the new plant. Rossford is a suburb of Toledo and some came from there as well.

The Poles attended St. Mary Magdalene Church in Rossford. It's records began in 1903. The marriage records often included the couple's birth dates, parentage, and where they had been baptized. For the 1903-1917 period, most Polish immigrants came from Galicia. But even more noteworthy was that most came from the villages of Wzdów, Jaćmierz, and Besko which are shown on this map. These three locales lie along a line between Sanok and Krosno in southern Poland. Indeed, many of the other localities mentioned in the marriage records are in the same area. Wzdów was a part of the Jasionów parish. Besko had both a Roman Catholic and a Greek Catholic church so Rossford immigrants may have been baptized in one or the other.

Images are on under the United States collections. Select Ohio, Diocese of Toledo, ...Parish Records, 1796-2004 >Wood >Rossford >All Saints, St. Mary Magdalene >1903-1929 Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths . Some birth dates were caught in the binding of the volume and could not be accessed. The baptism date may have been provided instead and is noted. A second volume is a copy of some of the early baptismal records through about 1906 at Ohio, Diocese of Toledo, ...Parish Records, 1796-2004 >Wood >Rossford >All Saints, St. Mary Magdalene >1903-1938 First Communions, Confirmations, Marriages. The index from volume 1 was repaginated to reflect volume 2 rather than reenter all the data anew. Other changes that stood out were also made. Chief among these is the actual birth dates that were not accessible in volume 1. So, some names may appear twice in the index-- once in volume 1 and once in volume 2.