St. Ann Church, Chicago

Pages 80 and 81 from volume 1 of baptisms are missing from the film. It is likely these pages were skipped in filming since pages 79 and 82, which were on the opposite sides of these pages, were filmed.

Some of the children's names from the missing pages were gleaned from the volume index. This volume was hard to work with because the handwriting was generally poor. The photography was not good either because there was not a lot of contrast between the names and the background. While all the pages were accounted for in volume 2, the writing and photography were still poor.

Volume 3 of baptisms begins on one film and continues on another. In fact, page 49 is repeated on both films so there are two images to choose from. The images on the continuation film are of better quality and that quality persists for the rest of the volumes on that film.