Beware of "Selected record" Lists

It is fairly common practice for family researchers to view records and extract information for not only their known family members but also "same surnamed" individuals that they haven't had the time yet to sort through. These lists are shared on the web in the hope that someone else might benefit from them and that someone will connect to their family. Some of these lists are fairly extensive and might give the impression that someone took the time to index a complete volume of records. Be sure to read the description of the list. You will often find that they will say 'incomplete' or that they are selected records. So if you are looking for the names of others who are likely to be included in the volume (perhaps because they are from the same town), you might not find them because they were not selected by the compiler of the list.

Unlike these selected listings, I did not play favorites as to which names I selected. Records were indexed from beginning to end of a volume regardless of any relationship to me. That is another reason why you might want to subscribe to this website.