Posen, Washington County, IL

Posen is a rural farming village in Washington County, IL (map). This should NOT be confused with another Posen which is outside of Chicago in Cook County, IL. The parish is a part of the cluster of Polish parishes in the Diocese of Belleville.

The parish church is Our Lady of Perpetual Help founded in 1901. To view images of marriage records, go to familysearch.org and click on United States (towards the bottom of the page). This will bring up the collections page. Find "Illinois, Diocese of Belleville..Parish Records, 1729-1956" and click on Browse Images. Select Washington > Posen > Our Lady of Perpetual Help and then 1901-1931 Marriages in the sequence just given. The first image of the collection automatically displays, but you can enter the image number from the index to bring up the page with the record you are looking for.