St. Mary of Perpetual Help Church, Chicago

The writing across all volumes is generally pretty good. There were not a lot of overwrites either. The index on this site containing these records uses the designation St. Mary/Perp. Help to save space.

Volume 8 of baptisms opens with several pages BEFORE the index. The first 2 of these pages which I would have numbered 1i and 2i include sub condition baptisms. Information from these pages was copied on the next 2 pages which I have numbered 3i and 4i. This online index only references pages 3i and 4i which are easier to read. You can compare what's on these pages with what's on pages 1i and 2i.

There were very few children marked illegitimate although one can infer that if only the mother's name is given without a father listed. This volume had a lot of parents listed with 'fornicator' written in. Since both parents are listed, one can question if the parents were married at all or if their marriage was not recognized by the church.

Volume 8 has a page just prior to page 1 which I have numbered 1a, which contains a miscellaneous Polish birth certificate which has been inserted into the volume. Page 278 is not on film although it probably exists. Names in the online index came from the volume index at the front of the volume.