Enhanced Search Options for Subscribers

In addition to seeing the content of all the fields (if the record provided that information), subscribers have had some additional search options besides the wildcard options that everyone is free to use. Generally the default options along with usage of wildcard characters is all that's needed. But some options available only to subscribers have been added and are the subjects of this article. At the bottom of each search form, there are three options, Normal, Soundex, and Look-alike.

Coding Names by How They Look

As someone who reads A LOT of handwritten documents, I am aware of some of the common areas of confusion that can arise in transcribing names. But even though I am aware of them does not make me immune to interpreting the letters incorrectly! It's still incredibly hard. In a previous article, Coding by Sound, I summarized how names can be coded by how they sound. This is a valuable tool since names can often be spelled multiple ways and still sound the same.

Making Database Corrections

Despite our best efforts, online databases contain errors! Most databases I have seen do not provide a mechanism for correcting them. Perhaps it's too complicated to do or someone may have a misguided notion that their entry is authoritative. In the latter case, preserving an error often makes the record inaccessible to all except possibly the most shrewd of researchers. Subscribers to this site have a mechanism for correcting substantive errors in most of the databases on this site.

Links to Online Images

Now it's easier for subscribers to find some of the records indexed on this website. If the image is online, the Parish/Location column will show a link to get you closer to the image faster. The link brings you to the first page of the appropriate online image collection (you may be prompted to log in to familysearch.org first). Enter the value in the LDS Image column of the index into the Image box and press Enter. This should take you to the image containing the indexed record. Just two easy steps!

St. Joseph Church, Lockport, IL

St. Joseph Church in Lockport, IL was founded in 1868 by German immigrants. There were few Polish families in this parish but is included here because it was my home parish and is part of my "family". The parish records don't start until 1874. There seemed to be a lot of crossover between St. Joseph and St. Alphonsus in Lemont. So, maybe the person you are looking for is in Lemont. Before St. Joseph's was established, the only other Catholic church in Lockport was St. Dennis-- another place to search out.

Maps on this Site

Many of the maps on this site have some interesting features that are not readily apparent unless you do a little experimenting. They are not your typical static maps like we find in print. These maps are interactive.

Map of Jastrząbka Stara and Vicinity

Use the slider in the upper right hand corner of the map to darken or lighten the old map overlay over the modern satellite

Map of Kołas (Kollas) and Koźmin Wielkopolski (Koschmin)

Due to changes by Google, the overlay no longer works. Kołas was a suburb of Koźmin and

Partial Map of Chicago in 1873

This overlay map is from 1873 (2 years after the Chicago Fire) and is centered around the northside Polish neighborhood.

Polish Roman Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Omaha, NE

The Polish Catholic churches were identified based primarily on The Polish-American Parish published in 1963 by the Orchard Lake Schools, Henry P. Mucha, editor. One such church was St.


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