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The LDS has microfilmed registers of parishes all over the world. The films are available through your local Family History Library or online at familysearch.org. This index was prepared by James J. Czuchra to facilitate finding ancestors in various Polish parishes. More details can be found in the introduction.

Magdalena Turalski & Antoni Kolaski,

married in St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Chicago

20 January 1891

In addition to the Chicago & Suburban Polish Parishes described elsewhere, this index includes marriage records from the following:
Location Church name Dates of inclusion
Albion, NY Assumption 1891-1917
Anderson, TX St. Stanislaus 1888-1924
Beaver Dam, WI St. Michael 1876-1920
Borzęcin, Małopolskie, POLAND Nativity BVM 1784-1901
Buffalo, NY Assumption 1890-1911
Buffalo, NY St. Adalbert 1887-1910
Buffalo, NY St. Casimir 1892-1905
Buffalo, NY St. John Kanty 1893-1917
Buffalo, NY St. Stanislaus 1874-1917
Buffalo, NY Transfiguration 1893-1919
Cestohowa, TX Nativity BVM 1878-1956
Cicero, IL St. Valentine 1912-1925
Cudahy, WI Holy Family 1906-1920
Depew, NY Ss. Peter & Paul 1896-1917
Dunkirk, NY St. Hyacinth 1875-1917
Dubois, Washington Co., IL St. Charles Borromeo 1877-1931
East St. Louis, St. Clair Co., IL St. Adalbert 1904-1932
Evanston, IL Ascension 1911-1925
Jastrząbka Stara, Podkarpackie, POLAND Ss. Peter & Paul 1785-1915
Jodłowa, Podkarpackie, POLAND St. Stanislaus B&M 1857-1920
Lemont, IL St. Alphonsus 1868-1915
Lemont, IL Ss. Cyril & Methodius 1882-1915
Lisia Góra, Małopolskie, POLAND Our Lady of the Rosary 1800-1870
Mąkowarsko, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, POLAND St. Lawrence 1767-1862
Milwaukee, WI St. Adalbert May 1909-1920
Milwaukee, WI Ss. Cyril & Methodius 1894-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Hedwig 1872-1880, 1886-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Hyacinth 1883-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. John Kanty 1908-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Josaphat 1888-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Stanislaus 1866-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Vincent de Paul 1892-1920
Nagoszyn, Podkarpackie, POLAND St. Barbara 1789-1863
North Chicago, Cook Co., IL Holy Rosary 1904-1925
Panna Maria, TX Immaculate Conception BVM 1855-1957
Posen, Washington Co., IL Our Lady/Perp. Help 1901-1931
Przecław, Podkarpackie, POLAND Assumption BVM 1790-1867
Racine, WI St. Stanislaus 1906-1920
Radom, Washington Co., IL St. Michael 1875-1931
Ripon, WI St. Wenceslaus 1898-1920
Rossford, Wood Co., OH St. Mary Magdalene 1903-1917
Salamanca, NY Holy Cross 1893-1917
San Antonio, TX St. Michael 1869-1946
Scheller, Jefferson Co., IL St. Barbara 1899-1931
South Milwaukee, WI St. Adalbert 1898-1920
St. Hedwig, TX Annunciation BVM 1866-1941
St. Louis, MO St. Casimir 1890-May 1992
St. Louis, MO St. Hedwig 1905-1964
St. Louis, MO Our Lady of Częstochowa 1907-Apr 1957
St. Louis, MO St. Stanislaus Kostka 1880-Feb 1993
Toledo, Lucas Co., OH St. Anthony 1882-1908
Toledo, Lucas Co., OH St. Hedwig 1875-1930
Toledo, Lucas Co., OH St. Stanislaus 1908-1917
Zasów, Podkarpackie, POLAND St. Stanislaus B & M 1806-1868
Zdziarzec, Podkarpackie, POLAND Visitation BVM 1806-1863

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