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This is a database of deaths from Polish parishes primarily in the US but also in Poland. Did you find names of interest? Subscribe to this website to see the details of where to locate the records. In addition, subscribers get more sophisticated search capabilities. For example, they can search by father's name to find all indexed children of a particular family. There is also a capability to search for similar sounding names. Death records are generally not complete with usually only the name of the deceased, the date of death, and age. However, a few parishes also included information about parents, spouses, or where they were born. This database is rich in deaths from Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo, and Milwaukee.

Polish place names may be indexed by search engines (eg. Google) by their correct Polish spelling or by their 'English' spelling without the diacritical marks. When using a search engine, it may be advisable to search by both spellings.

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