Haller's Army Index Update

The LDS imaged most of the loose papers collection of the Haller's Army recruitment records and made them available on their FamilySearch website. All of those loose papers have been indexed and added to the index on this website. Subscribers to this website can easily access the images and the additional indexed information like: birth date, birthplace, and marital status.

Though the loose paper collection had been alphabetized in the early 1990s, many sets were out of order by the time they were imaged-- making it harder to find them. Imaging the records in whatever order they were in 'froze' them in that order. The index helps you to find a record even if was physically refiled in the wrong spot because the image is now 'frozen'

Some stats from the index:
A total of 26,197 loose paper collections were reindexed. (When I give numbers here, they are not necessarily as exact as they appear for reasons I will not go into here.) Of those collections, 23, 097 had a form C that included some indication of a birthplace. A majority of those, 15, 088, were from the Russian partition (the Kingdom of Poland). There were 6, 242 from the Austrian partition (Galicia) and at least 985 from the German partition (Prussia). There were 748 born in the United States, 31 from Canada, 2 from Brazil, 1 from Argentina. The rest were from other countries in central Europe and not necessarily Polish. There were about 73 women who wanted to join. Only one of them had a set of all 3 papers. The rest only had a Form A completed and probably were encouraged to engage in other service like the Red Cross.

Other stuff:
Many recruits had flat feet or amputated fingers. One of the most common reasons for rejection was a hernia. A surprising number of recruits were still illiterate or at best could illegibly write their names.

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